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Welcome to the most comprehensive real estate team in Downtown Chicago & surrounding Metro. A one stop shop for everything you need: Detailed analytics and hyper focused property hunters. It is all combined around our core ethos… helping our clients make better decisions!


From office and retail to land and specialty use. Tenant Rep or Property Management. Our Commercial Professionals will offer their expertise to guide you through a transaction process tailored to your investment needs.


Müv excels at understanding every client’s individual needs, and they are extremely efficient with your time; showing you only what is available on the competitive Chicago rental market that exactly suits you and meets your specifications.


Generate passive income! It’s a great supplementary source of funds for many people. It can keep some money flowing during a recession or during other tough times, such as the government lockdown imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic or otherwise experience some financial hardship.


With our extensive 20+ years of partnership with leading builders in the Midwest, Müv is the one source, one solution to build your own before anyone else.

What we know

We live, work, and play in the neighborhoods we represent.

As your agent we believe it’s important to truly understand the neighborhoods we represent so we try to specialize in the neighborhoods we live, work, & play.

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